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Persian: فرشادجمالی‎‎ (born 24 August 1965) is an internationally Persian classical singer, composer. He is one of the master of traditional Persian music singer.” Frashad Jamali also learned “Radif” Persian vocal music with Karim Saleh Azimi, Razavi Sarvestani, Rambod Sodeif,Mohsen Keramati and Dr Hossein Omoomi.
He has been teaching vocals since 2010 and has performed in concerts with Fardin Khalatbari in the recent years in Tehran, Iran, Denmark and Vancouver, BC. He also had a concert for the Event of the 800th birth anniversary of the Persian mystic and poet Molana Jalal ad-Din in Tehran’s Sadabad Cultural Historical place. The other successful concert that he had was in Milad Tower in 2010 which was called Diyar-E-Mehr.

Farshad Jamaly is a traditional Persian singer who has performed previously on many famous stages globally, including Iran and Canada. In recent month, Farshad Jamaly was live In Vancouver for Sufis Journey concert with a huge success.

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Oct 2016 – Sufis Journey: Farshad Jamali Live In Vancouver

October 18th, 2016|Comments Off on Oct 2016 – Sufis Journey: Farshad Jamali Live In Vancouver

Farshad Jamali was live in Vancouver on Oct 15, 2016 (Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver) With Persian instrument Ensemble, String Quartet and Harp Orchestra. The Composers were Fardin Khalatbari and Tahmoures Pournazeri. The Conductor [...]

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2015 – The Land of Sun Concert in Tehran

July 27th, 2016|Comments Off on 2015 – The Land of Sun Concert in Tehran

Farshad Jamali Concert! in Tehran- Iran - 2010 Tehran’s Milad Tower was playing host to performances by Tahmures Purnazeri and Farshad Jamali from their successful album “The Land of the Sun”, which was released in [...]


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